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The best investment on EARTH is EARTH” a very well said quote by Louis J Glickman forever stands true.

How about owning such an AGRICULTURAL LAND and having your own FARMHOUSE on it? The idea itself gives a tickle to your mind. Fresh air, fresh vegetables, clean environment, being away from noise and pollution of the city, all at the same place…..sounds really interesting!!!!   Far from the madness of the city, you are at your own farmhouse, planting potatoes, eating farm cooked organic vegetables and fruits, while stocking up some of it for your dinner & lunches back home in the city. Bonus is the good health that is the result of eating organic veggies & fruits and of course the joy of enjoying at your own farmhouse, priceless. Isn’t it then a priceless investment at a small price?

Recent studies have shown that AGRICULTURAL LAND is an extremely rewarding long term investment opportunity. Agricultural income is tax free. Agricultural land investment provides high level of capital protection as it is backed by a capital asset. More people are investing in agricultural land in the country; those moving early will benefit the greatest.

We have AGRICULTURAL LAND at the following locations. Take your pick



  • Chikhalgaon
  • Dehane
  • Kanve
  • Kasara
  • Ranvihir
  • Sogaon
  • Jambhulwad
  • Kharade
  • Cherivali
  • Dhakane
  • Valuk
  • Kinhavali
  • Shiride
  • Sakruli
  • Sakadbab
  • Hedvali
  • Khardi



  • Balsana
  • Sakri
  • Dhondaicha
  • Sindhakheda
  • Nardana
  • Dusane
  • Fofare
  • Nandurbar
  • Navapur



  • Khed
  • Awale
  • Shelgaon
  • Mahad
  • Talegaon



  • Wavi
  • Dhamagaon
  • Waregaon
  • Ujani
  • Rampur
  • Kundewadi
  • Khaprale
  • Kepa nagar
  • Ram nagar








  • Guhagar
  • Zakadevi
  • Chiplalun



  • Mangaon
  • Poladhpur
  • Karjat
  • Alibaug






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The communication, quality of work and follow through were outstanding. Your staff is truly delighted with the new facility, morale and productivity both being positively impactedDR. PRAMOD JAIN, Business Associates